Storage Bucket

Storage Bucket

Our storage buckets are 7 gallons and holds your unshredded or shredded tobacco. It has a gamma sealed lid which helps keep out any extra moisture just throw in a boveda packet and you will have fresh tobacco for months!

Smokeless Ashtray

Smokeless Ashtray

Perfect for the car, home or anywhere you don't want ash laying around.
These smokeless ashtrays do the trick and keep things neat and tidy.
***Please Note...colors will vary***

Menthol Crystals

Menthol Crystals

For customers seeking a medium to full strength flavor, menthol cigarette crystals are required. There is a learning curve involved. When done correctly the recipe makes about 8 ounces of menthol solution. Use about two thirds of this solution per pound and you will have something close to the standard store bought brands.


Cigarette Tins

Boveda Packages


Boveda packages are to help keep your tobacco at the perfect humidity. It can add or remove humidity depending on the temperature. It also does great to help prevent molding, and it is all purified water that is being emitted.
**How to tell you need to change your Boveda package..
When it is dry and crispy, it is time to replace. The more you use, the longer they last.
It has a 2-6 month usage depending on the exposure to air it gets.
If it is not removed from its package it has a 2 year shelf life

Moisture Meter

This moisture meter will tell you the exact moisture content of your tobacco. No more guesswork when it comes to making your cigarettes!

The perfect number is between 12% and 17%

Upright Fresh Choice Tins Available in several different colors.

Red, Yellow, Gold, Platinum, Green, and Silver.